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In Frame: Kate Roebuck

Posted by MK Quinlan on Nov 25, 2014

What you hang on your walls is about much more than a look, it’s an opportunity to express who you are and where you’ve been. After just eight months in the custom framing business, we’ve discovered that one of the most rewarding parts of our job is preserving the art, photographs, and mementos that give us a window into the lives of our customers.

To celebrate our clients and their stories, we’re launching In Frame—a blog series that lets you in on the work that is most special to the Simply Framed family of artists and customers.

To kick off the series, we asked Kate Roebuck, the talented artist at the helm of Chattanooga’s Bowerbird Collective, to tell us what work is most special to her.

Kate Roebuck of Bowerbird Collective holding her favorite piece of art, a screenprint collaboration with Hable Construction, via Simply Framed

Who: Kate Roebuck, artist extraordinaire, owner of Bowerbird Collective

What: A screen print  (1 of 2) of chocolate chip cookies, made in 2010 in tandem with Kate’s mentor, Susan Hable of Hable Construction. Kate worked for Hable Construction in Athens, Georgia for four years as a studio assistant and designer after graduating from University of Georgia with a degree in textile design. If you look closely, you can see a faint message from Susan in the bottom right corner that reads "Love you Kate, Hable 2010."

From Kate: A big part of being an artist is what’s on the paper. But there’s also a behind-the-scenes, experiential part. Susan and I did this piece together—she painted, I screen printed. I can remember being there together, the music on, paint on our pants, passing the squeegee back and forth. That’s the best part about art to me.

Where I am today is because of working for Hable for so long. It’s because of what they've given me.

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