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What is the difference between the mat styles?

Posted by Daisy Briceno on Oct 28, 2013

We currently offer various options for matting. Depending on what art type you are framing, we will recommend specific mat styles as you Build a Frame. If you are unsure on what to select feel free to email us or check our our blog post, Matting 101, for more.

Framing full bleed means framing to the edge of your print. No mat for this selection. You can add a spacer to the frame to keep the print from touching the plexiglass.

Framing with a single mat to the edge will add a 4-ply white core mat with an opening to the edge of your print. This adds a white mat border to your image and increases the size of the frame. Does your print have a signature or title you would like to show? Select Single mat with a reveal to have the mat opening include a border on your print.

The Double Mat selection will include two mats layered on the edge of the print showing a 1/4” of the mat below. We typically will add a black mat to increase the contrast and add depth to the frame.

Floated with a spacer is a method of framing to keep the art fully visible in the frame, edges and all. This gives the illusion the piece is floating within the frame either on a mat or on a foam core lift. A spacer is added to the frame to keep the artwork from touching the plexiglass. Both methods require additional time and materials so floating does cost more but is highly recommended for any pieces with deckled edges.

Our Max Plexibox frames are available with 3 different mat styles.

We can float your artwork on linen with a border, which we call Float with Border. When floating, we attach your art to an acid-free foam core lift, hidden behind the work and mounted to White or Natural Linen with a recommended 1.5" border around your artwork. Max Plexibox's custom depth allows for space between the Plexi and the surface of your work.

Alternatively, we can float artwork on linen with no border, which we call Float No Border. We frame directly around your art, letting the art "bleed" to the edge of the frame. Your piece will be mounted to acid-free foam core lift hidden behind the artwork, and although your artwork will occupy the entire plane of your frame, subtly textured Natural or White Linen will still show on the outside edges of your Max Plexibox.

Finally, for textiles, we'll sew your piece to linen carefully preparing the fabric and hand sewing the edges with a matching or nearly invisible thread to White or Natural linen. The mandatory border around your textile reveals the organic edge of the cloth and allows for subtle variations along your piece that are inherent in the nature of the fabric. Your textile seems to float upon its subtly textured linen backing inside Max Plexibox's modern and clean lines.

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