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How are you going to stretch my canvas? What if my canvas is old?

Posted by Daisy Briceno on Oct 28, 2013

We take great care in stretching your canvas. That means the canvas gets secured to the stretcher bars by wrapping it around the side and stapling the edge of it to the back. Our goal is to maximize your image, but depending on your piece, a small part of the art may end up on the side of the stretcher bar if there is not enough border.

We use stretchers that require your canvas to have a border of at least 3 inches around, otherwise some of your image is going to end up wrapped around the sides. Please note that even when your canvas has an appropriate border, if your painting or printed canvas is uneven, there is always a chance that a small part of your image may be wrapped around the side of the stretcher. Our new canvas natural float frame requires a 4 inch border for stretching.

If your canvas is old, in a fragile state, or has been previously stretched, then having it stretched again may cause irreversible damage to your piece. Please bear this in mind when mailing it in.

Here is a close-up of a stretched canvas in our Canvas floater frame:

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