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I just completed my order. What happens next?

If you selected packaging in the checkout process:

We will send you a shipping tube or mailer to the address that you gave us along with a pre-paid return Fedex mailing label within 1 business day. Once your tube or mailer arrives, follow the instructions provided to carefully package your piece, place your piece inside, seal and drop it off at the nearest Fedex location. We will contact you when we receive your piece, complete the custom frame, and send it back to you ready to hang!

If you selected a label in the checkout process:

We will email you a Fedex return label to the email address you provided within 1 business day. Print and place on your packaging following the instructions given on the email. Drop off your sealed packaging at the nearest Fedex location. We will contact you when we receive your piece, complete the custom frame, and send it back to you ready to hang!

If you selected art en route in the checkout process:

This means the artwork is currently on the way to us! Since your artwork is already in the mail, (either mailed by you or sent to us directly from the company you purchased the artwork from), we won't send you a label or any packaging. We'll wait for your artwork to arrive and then contact you when we receive your piece, complete the custom frame, and send it back to you ready to hang!


How long does all of this take?

This is a tough one because we will get the tube or label out to you right away, but the next step depends on you. The sooner you send in your piece, the sooner we can get it framed and back out the door. Once we have your art in hand we aim to ship completed frames in 3 to 5 business days. For artwork larger than 36x48" and Max Plexibox orders, framing may take up to 7 to 10 business days. We send the finished frame by Fedex Ground delivery. Visit our How It Works section to view standard shipping speed to your area. If you forget where you are in the process, enter your order confirmation number on our Track Order page.


Can I get my order expedited?

We work hard to get orders out the door fast. However we do accept rush orders and can rush shipping for an additional cost. Please email us at hello@simplyframed.com or call us at 303-459-2146 to see if we can help you with your urgent custom framing project.


Do you have any retail locations?

Not at this time. Retail stores add overhead and expense. We want to keep our service efficient so that we can pass along those savings to you. If you sell art, photography, posters, certificates or home decor and are interested in partnering with us, please take a look at our Pro Services and see how we can help your business. 


Where do you frame my piece?

We custom frame in multiple facilities in Ohio, California, and Washington depending on the nature of your order, the destination shipping address, and any deadlines involved. Multiple facilities allow us to deliver a more scalable solution to our customers than any framer using one single facility could deliver.

Our expert framers have been in business for over 100 years combined. Your piece is in great hands.


What if I chose the wrong size?

Each frame is custom-made and the frame and all materials will be crafted specifically for your piece. We wanted to keep things simple for you and therefore all that we need to know for you to place an order is a close estimate of your print size. We carefully examine and measure each piece as it arrives. If you made a mistake, we will contact you right away and sort out any issues.


If my print is just a tad larger than one of the sizes, must I pick the larger size?

Yes, your piece must fit entirely within the size that you select.


Will my piece be mounted? Can I specify this anywhere?

Mounting depends on the size and the condition in which your piece arrives. We take great care of your pieces and will review each piece carefully to ensure it is mounted properly, however our standard methods are as follows:

  1. Hinge-mount most art prints, photos or certificates smaller than 24x30 to an archival, acid-free foam board with archival tape.
  2. Floating requires adhering the print to an acid free foam core back or mat using acid free ATG or archival tape. Depending on paper type and thickness, we will select the method that works best with your paper type.
  3. Dry-mount anything larger than 24x30 to a heat-activated archival, acid-free foam board.
  4. Dry-mount all posters or photography above size 11x14 that do not easily lay flat (in most cases posters need this to undo the time spent rolled up).
  5. For Max Plexibox orders, textiles are sewn to linen. All other pieces are floated over a hidden acid-free foam core lift which is then mounted to the linen.

While dry mounting is irreversible, it is a safe and reliable way to ensure your piece does not appear rippled inside the frame over time. Additionally, we have found that in many cases dry-mounting can alleviate creasing on paper. As a reminder, we are using archival, acid-free foam board so you can rest assured your piece will not get discolored over time. If you have specific questions or requests, email us or enter detailed notes in the comment section of your order.


Why is adding a mat so expensive?

The mats we use are completely archival: 4-ply, acid-free and containing a white core. This means they don't come cheap, but that’s not all you pay for when you add a mat. When you add a mat you are making your entire piece larger, up to the next size. This will make your walls happier, but it also means we use more frame moulding, more plexiglass, more packaging, and more of every other material in your custom frame.

Effectively, the cost of adding a custom mat bumps you up 1 size e.g. 18x24 ($125) + Mat ($25) = 24x30 Large ($150) + No Mat.


What sizes are your mats? What if I know the exact dimensions I want my mat?

For Cut Mats, we follow the following mat size convention to create a custom mat that optimally presents your piece:

Paper Size (fits within) Mat Border
8x10" 1.5"
11x14" 2.5" 
16x20" 3"
24x30" + 3"

When floating, we add 1.5” all around for all art sizes.

If you have exact dimensions in mind, enter your specifications (inches, please!) in the comments section at checkout. If you've already checked out and did not do this, simply email us with your Order # as the subject line and we’ll do our best to honor your request.


What kind of mat are you using and what color will it be?

Our mats are all acid-free, have a white-core & 4-ply, a.k.a. completely archival and thick. Upon receiving your print, our frame designers will choose the shade of white and mat dimensions to best enhance your piece, with a minimum of 1 1/2” matting around your image. We then bevel-cut each corner with precision. We only offer shades of white ranging from bright white to the creamiest cream. Because choosing these non-colors is super hard online, we provide this service for you.


Seriously, you only sell white mats? What if I want a blue mat?

You might not want to do that. Trust us, we’ve made the colored mat mistake before.

Colored mats not only limit where you will be able to display your piece but they can also be distracting, while a white or cream mat isolates the image from the frame, creating a space for you to experience the image alone. We didn't come up with this concept, it has become the standard in the art world.


What is the difference between the mat styles?

We currently offer various options for matting. Depending on what art type you are framing, we will recommend specific mat styles as you Build a Frame. If you are unsure on what to select feel free to email us or check our our blog post, Matting 101, for more.

Framing full bleed means framing to the edge of your print. No mat for this selection. You can add a spacer to the frame to keep the print from touching the plexiglass.

Framing with a single mat to the edge will add a 4-ply white core mat with an opening to the edge of your print. This adds a white mat border to your image and increases the size of the frame. Does your print have a signature or title you would like to show? Select Single mat with a reveal to have the mat opening include a border on your print.

The Double Mat selection will include two mats layered on the edge of the print showing a 1/4” of the mat below. We typically will add a black mat to increase the contrast and add depth to the frame.

Floated with a spacer is a method of framing to keep the art fully visible in the frame, edges and all. This gives the illusion the piece is floating within the frame either on a mat or on a foam core lift. A spacer is added to the frame to keep the artwork from touching the plexiglass. Both methods require additional time and materials so floating does cost more but is highly recommended for any pieces with deckled edges.

Our Max Plexibox frames are available with 3 different mat styles.

We can float your artwork on linen with a border, which we call Float with Border. When floating, we attach your art to an acid-free foam core lift, hidden behind the work and mounted to White or Natural Linen with a recommended 1.5" border around your artwork. Max Plexibox's custom depth allows for space between the Plexi and the surface of your work.

Alternatively, we can float artwork on linen with no border, which we call Float No Border. We frame directly around your art, letting the art "bleed" to the edge of the frame. Your piece will be mounted to acid-free foam core lift hidden behind the artwork, and although your artwork will occupy the entire plane of your frame, subtly textured Natural or White Linen will still show on the outside edges of your Max Plexibox.

Finally, for textiles, we'll sew your piece to linen carefully preparing the fabric and hand sewing the edges with a matching or nearly invisible thread to White or Natural linen. The mandatory border around your textile reveals the organic edge of the cloth and allows for subtle variations along your piece that are inherent in the nature of the fabric. Your textile seems to float upon its subtly textured linen backing inside Max Plexibox's modern and clean lines.


What type of glass do you use?

We use UV-filtering acrylic for all frames, except Canvas which does not require any glass, and Max Plexibox which is made from Lucite. UV-filtering acrylic is the best option and has become the industry standard. Chances are you will be moving, and plexiglass is lighter, scratch-resistant, and shatter-resistant. It also provides more UV protection and less glare than glass. While a bit more expensive than glass, the quality and protection acrylic offers is so good, most art sellers and galleries are using it—and so should you.


What kind of frames are you using?

Our frames are the highest quality, produced by manufacturers here in the U.S.A. If you know frames, then you’ll recognize Larson Juhl and Studio, as they are the industry leaders. We would not settle for anything less and neither should you. Both companies also pride themselves on responsibly sourced materials.


Where are the rest of your frame options?

We find frame stores overwhelming. There are 5,000 options when you’re only in need of 1. We curated the 5,000 down to our favorites for what most of our clients are looking to frame--art prints, photos, canvases, certificates, and posters--that we know will work well in your home, office, or anywhere else. Browse all of our Frame Styles here.

Do you need a frame that looks like it came from Downton Abbey or a translucent blue for your spaceship? If so, then we are unfortunately not the shop for you. That said, we would love your feedback, so feel free to submit requests via our contact page.


How will you package my custom framed artwork?

We’ve invested in only the best shipping materials to ensure your order arrives safely.  We recently eliminated kraft wrapping paper from our frame packaging (excluding special request) to be more environmentally friendly. Your frame will ship wrapped in bubble wrap and secured inside a cardboard box with plastic bands, and will include all necessary hardware and hanging instructions.



How do I care for my frame?

To clean your framed piece, follow these dos and don’ts:

  • DO remove dust by blowing on it
  • DO NOT use your hand or a dry cloth to remove dust
  • DO clean by using a small amount of mixture of mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water. Use a clean, soft cloth or sponge. Dry by blotting gently with a lint-free cloth. Instead of soap, you can also use a cleaner designed for acryclic surfaces.
  • DO NOT use a household cleaner like Windex or products that contain ammonia.
  • DO NOT use any abrasive material while cleaning your plexiglass, it can scratch the surface.
  • Top

    How are you going to stretch my canvas? What if my canvas is old?

    We take great care in stretching your canvas. That means the canvas gets secured to the stretcher bars by wrapping it around the side and stapling the edge of it to the back. Our goal is to maximize your image, but depending on your piece, a small part of the art may end up on the side of the stretcher bar if there is not enough border.

    We use stretchers that require your canvas to have a border of at least 3 inches around, otherwise some of your image is going to end up wrapped around the sides. Please note that even when your canvas has an appropriate border, if your painting or printed canvas is uneven, there is always a chance that a small part of your image may be wrapped around the side of the stretcher. Our new canvas natural float frame requires a 4 inch border for stretching.

    If your canvas is old, in a fragile state, or has been previously stretched, then having it stretched again may cause irreversible damage to your piece. Please bear this in mind when mailing it in.

    Here is a close-up of a stretched canvas in our Canvas floater frame:


    Do you sell wholesale?

    Yes. Visit our Partner With Us page to tell us more about your wholesale framing needs. We can frame work for resale and provide framing and fulfillment services for art, poster and certificate sellers of all shapes and sizes. We also work with various partners on specific large projects e.g. an art exhibit, charity art auctions, gallery shows, or furnishing an office or hotel. Don't be shy! Say hi!


    I sell art and/or issue certificates and am looking for a framing partner. Can you help me?

    Yes, please contact us for more information. We’d love to help you. Check out our Pro Services.

    Are there any restrictions on the images I can upload for printing and framing?

    Yes. In order to assure you receive high quality prints we have a few formatting and size specifications when you upload your file. Your image should be formatted in the RGB color scheme and be saved as a .jpg or .tif (8-bit only) file. The maximum file size accepted is 800 MB. Your image shouldn’t be larger than 20,000 by 20,000 pixels and should be uploaded at a resolution of 300 dots per inch. Our system will offer a recommended print size based on your uploaded image. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to email us at hello@simplyframed.com.


    What size will my image be printed at for my print and frame order?

    When placing a print and frame order, you're selecting the FRAME size! 

    This means the size your uploaded file will be printed at depends on the selections you've made when placing your order. 

    For example, if you've ordered an 8x10 frame with mat, your photo will need to be printed at around 5x7 in order to have enough room in your frame for the mat. If you've ordered to the edge, the print will be 8 x10. All prints are printed at the proportion uploaded at 300 dpi. 

    If you have a specific size you'd like your image printed at, please be sure to write this into the notes section of your order. The smallest dimension we accept is 5x5. 

    Please note that 1/8" to 1/4" of the edges of your image will be covered during the framing process. If we have any issues with your file or quality concerns our team will reach out via email before the order is placed into production.  If you have any questions, please email us at hello@simplyframed.com 


    What is your return policy?

    Every frame is custom which means it is made specifically for your piece. That means that the frame will not work with anyone else’s piece. As a result, all orders are final as soon as they are placed.

    We can only accept exchanges if your frame was made incorrectly or damaged upon arrival. If your order arrives in such a condition, please contact us and let us know immediately. After 7 days we assume you are happy with your piece and can no longer provide exchanges.


    What if I want to cancel my order and I have yet to send my artwork?

    All orders placed through Simply Framed are final however we understand that sometimes you may change your mind.

    We can either:

    A. Provide a credit to you (in the form of a 1 time use discount code) for the full amount to use on a future order.

    B. Provide a partial refund less a 15% processing fee. 

    Please contact us at hello@simplyframed.com and we will assist you. 


    My piece is very expensive, do you provide shipping insurance?

    We use Fedex for nearly every order. For pieces over size 36x48" we use a freight delivery service that will call you a day ahead to schedule a delivery window. Each provides a base level of insurance up to $100 plus the cost of your frame. Additional coverage is available upon request for an additional fee. If your friend Thomas Crown gave you a painting to hold onto for him, it probably is not a good idea to send it in. That said, if you have more specific questions, feel free to contact us and check out our How It Works page for a list of what to send and what not send.


    The piece that I want framed is already in a tube/mailer, can I just send my piece to you?

    Yes, if you feel your packaging is sturdy enough to survive one more trip select the Label option during check out and we will email you a Fedex return label to use with instructions.


    Where do you ship?

    We ship to the continental United States. No Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Mexico and our friends elsewhere around the world. We can ship internationally upon request for our Pro clients. We can ship to APO and PO boxes, please email us at hello@simplyframed.com for a quote. We hope to one day be able to expand our service to a broader international audience.


    What if my question is not answered in the above list?

    That means that yours is original (or at least not one that we get frequently). If there is anything else that we can help with, as always please contact us


    All of the art on our website is credited and linked alongside the Frame Styles and also featured on our blog. If you have a question about a specific piece, feel free to contact us.

    You can also shop our Instagram feed here.

    Thank you to all of the fabulous artists featured on Simplyframed.com!