In Frame: Sarah Boyts Yoder

In Frame Sarah Yoder

Who: Sarah Boyts Yoder, a mixed media painter based in Charlottesville, VA.

What: This is an original artwork. It's comprised of acrylic paint, crayon, oil stick and fabric dye on paper. Part of her process is scouring art supply stores and clearance sections for unusual colors that catch her eye. Often this means she ends up with equally unusual materials-like fabric dye, ink or house paint! This piece is custom framed and floated in our white gallery frame.

From Sarah:

There are times when a piece of work takes forever and it's a real battle to resolve. Other times you make something offhandedly and so quick, and it comes out perfect and easy. This was one of those pieces. It's basically a study or sketch for a larger work, and I didn't give it much thought as it happened. But when I stopped and considered it, I realized how strong it was and how it contained all of my favorite things: thin, drawn lines, larger blocks of color, subtle shifts in shape and accidental passages (like the random drips).

I made this last year (2015) at the end of the summer. It's humble, unassuming and subtle. When I look at it, I'm drawn in and I realize how all these different parts fit perfectly together, they are harmonious. There are sometimes magical moments when you're working, you slip into a zone, or tap into something larger, and out comes these great pieces. When you're done it kind of feels like something you don't recognize yet you know very well. This piece is that for me, and it reminds me that sometimes the best things come from keeping your mind free and not thinking too much---not everything has to come the hard way.

I actually keep this piece in my studio, where I can see it. When I have studio visits, I like having a piece or two framed up to show people. It really makes a difference when a work is framed nicely. I think it's easier for people to imagine it in their own space, and when they can see an example of a great frame it can really elevate a piece of art.

For more on Sarah check out her socials: pinterest, instagram, twitter or facebook.

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