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Dabito artwork in our light walnut gallery frame

Ever wonder how Simply Framed came to be? Well, recently The American Edit did a feature on us exploring just that. Rita Mehta, founded The American Edit as "a place to celebrate the brands that manufacture in the United States, educate the ones who would like to start, and elevate self-sufficiency in style." It's a truly great, fun, informative resource so we were stoked for this feature.

It's a comprehensive, in-depth interview and you'll have to visit the full article for all of the goodies, but below are a few gems from the piece.

Our founder, Dara Deshe on what led her to start Simply Framed:

"I personally was sick of schlepping my own growing affordable art collection to the framer and always finding the experience to be more confusing, more expensive and more inconvenient than the previous trip. In between, I tried some terrible DIY solution or Ikea hacks and found that process, though cheaper, netted a very bad-looking result.

While doing the research on framing for 20×200, the seed for Simply Framed started to form but I didn’t pursue the business full time until 2 years later when I saw how badly my DIY versions were looking and how the online art market was really starting to boom."

And what motivates her each work day (hint: our fabulous customers and partners are involved!):

"What gets me through the day is that I really love what our company is doing and the great people on our team and our great clients. I’m reminded with every repeat order that our service is something that was missing from the market and that is both satisfying and motivating."

Other topics covered in the article include some of Dara's favorite American brands and products, what she looks for when finding our amazing partners and some of her best tips for framing artwork. And follow The American Edit on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for more great articles, tips and info on other US manufactured brands.

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