Home Tour: Orlando Soria's L.A. Bach Pad

Our buddy Orlando Soria over at Homepolish was doing a post-breakup living room redo (been there), and asked us to put our magic custom framing touch on three beautiful palm frond paintings he commissioned from his friend, the talented Erika Gragg. We were blown away by her work and Orlando's finished space, and then double blown away when our frames were featured on Homepolish, Orlando’s personal blog, and the blog of THE Emily Henderson (we’ve been fans since Design Star). Thanks for the love y'all!

Orlando Soria's living room via Homepolish. Original works by Erika Gragg framed by Simply Framed

Photo by Sean Gin

Since Erika’s works were painted on beautifully textured paper, we decided to float them in our white gallery frame to best highlight their originality. Et voila! Beautiful, right?

You know what else is beautiful? The ease of our mail-in service. We think Orlando said it best: "You just send them your art and it comes back perfectly framed. You don’t even have to leave your house. You can just sit on the sofa eating breakfast burritos...while you wait for them to arrive." Breakfast burritos + custom framed art delivered to your door = BEAUTY.

Orlando Soria's living room makeover featuring the work of Erika Gragg, framed by Simply Framed. Photos via Sean Gin

Photo by Sean Gin

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