Art for the Traveler

Sick of winter already? Escape somewhere exotic—Italy, Africa, Australia, Los Angeles or Paris—with one of these tropicolor, travel-inspired works of art.

Simply Framed Gift Guide: Art for the Traveler, featuring the work of Tec Petaja, Gray Malin, Leigh Viner, Keteme, James Gulliver Hancock, Kathryn Warren of Hail Tiger Studio, Buddy Editions, and Rebecca Plotnick

1. Amalfi, Italy Coastline at Sunset, by Nashville-based photographer Tec Petaja. $210 for an 8x10, including Simply Framed's antique gold gallery frame.

2. Gray Malin's Montorosso, Cinque Terre photograph. $449 for an 11.5x17, including Simply Framed's white gallery frame.

3. Prada Palazzo, Italy by Leigh Viner. $76 for a 16x20.

4. A photograph of Lalibela, Ethiopia by Abiy Solomon via new home goods brand Keteme. $212 for a 12x20, including Simply Framed's black gallery frame.

5. Australian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock's Sydney print. $100 for a 20x28.5.

6. Kathryn Warren's Los Angeles print via Matchbook editor Katie Armour's new photography site, Buddy Editions. $50 for an 8x10.

7. Le Petit Zinc, St. Germaine des Pres, Paris by photographer Rebecca Plotnick. $90 for a 16x20.

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