Simply Framed x Lonny

When Lonny's market editor Cat Dash reached out to us in October about a gallery wall collaboration for her new-and-improved dining room, we couldn't have been more excited. Cat's art collection is stellar, not just because of the artists behind the work but because of the variety of mediums and methods represented throughout the group. All combined, the collection had a fresh vibe and some fun, personal stories to go along with each piece. It was a great place for us to start.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo for Lonny.

We worked with Cat via email and Skype to choose the best frame for each individual work, in addition to looking at all of the frame styles together to see how they gelled when hung side-by-side. At the end of the day, we used a combination of our black canvas float frame, our white and black gallery frames, and our black & antique gold certificate frame for a look that felt eclectic but collected.

If you're interested in designing a gallery wall in your own home, check out our Gallery Wall Guide for some tips and tricks for getting a look you'll love. You can also contact us and we'd be happy to help via email or Skype.

To see the full story on Cat's makeover, got to

Simply Framed Gallery Wall in collaboration with Lonny

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