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Our Guide to Black & White Art

Posted by MK Quinlan on Dec 09, 2014

Black & White art is like a little black dress: versatile, flattering, and—on occasion—absolutely stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous. We've gathered our favorite works—abstracts, nudes, photography, illustration—to fill the black & white gap in your collection. 

Simply Framed's Guide to Black and White Art, featuring Thomas Hammer, NG Collective, Drew Doggett, Linda & Harriett, Jenna Snyder-Phillips, Knowlita, Lisa Hunt Creative, and Jaime Derringer of Design Milk.

1. Thomas Hammer's Viper drawing. For more information, Contact Thomas

2. A miniature nude by NG Collective. $50 for a 5x7. 

3. Drew Doggett's Haven, photographed in Namibia. $410 for an 8x12, including Simply Framed's white gallery frame and mat. 

4. Textile artist Jane Denton's Black & White Triangles. Starting at $510 for a 29x29. 

5. Linda & Harriet's Oyster print. $110 for an 11x14, including Simply Framed's black & gold certificate frame

6. The Chief print by Jenna Snyder-Phillips. $350 for a 20x30. 

7. Knowlita's Sant Ambroeus print. $200 for an 18x24, including Simply Framed's white gallery frame. 

8. The metallic Royal Palm print by Lisa Hunt Creative. $385 for a 16x26, including Simply Framed's black gallery frame

9. Artist and Design Milk founder Jaime Derringer's Sandworm #2 print. $26 for a 8.5x11. 

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