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In Frame: Dara Segal

Posted by MK Quinlan on Jul 01, 2015

In honor of July 4th (Independence Day), we thought it fitting to interview one of our own - Simply Framed's founder Dara Segal - about a particularly patriotic piece of art in her home. 

Patriotic Art: Dara Segal of Simply Framed's American Flag has a great story

Who: Dara Segal, art collector and founder of Simply Framed. 

What: An American flag given to Dara's dad Ari Deshe by his friend Neil Walsh on May 4th, 1984, the day Ari (born in Israel in 1950) became a United States citizen. 

From Dara: This American flag has been stored in a box in my dad's home office since I was born. When my parents sold the house recently, I asked if I could have it. I'm always looking to display art and other things that have special significance to me and I was excited to bring this piece of my family's history into my home.  

Like other textiles we frame, we hand-stitched the flag to a black linen mat and shadowboxed it in our Gallery Deep style in black to make the colors of the flag pop. It hangs in my living room as a daily reminder of my Dad, his journey, and my luck at being born and raised in as great a place as the United States. 

On the certificate issued by the United States Capitol: 

This is to certify that the accompanying flag was flown over the United States Capitol at the request of the Honorable Frank J Guarini, Member of Congress in honor of Ari Deshe.

Simply Framed's Dara Segal on a very special American flag

The letter included with the flag reads: 

Dear Ari,
You are exactly what we need here in the good 'ole USA- more citizens who have been paratroopers!
Seriously, congratulations on becoming a citizen of what I am sure you know is the greatest country on the face of the earth.
I thought you would like to have the enclosed as a momento of this very important day in your life.
My warmest personal regards.

Neil J. Walsh

Simply Framed's Dara Segal hanging a very special American flag in her new home

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