In Frame: Daisy Briceno, Head of Operations

For this edition of In Frame, we thought you might like to meet Daisy Briceno, our Miami-based head of operations and resident framing expert. With a BFA in photography from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and experience working in both galleries and high-end frame shops, Daisy's knowledge of art and its many mediums—in addition to the ins-and-outs of the framing process—make her an indispensable member of the Simply Framed team.

She's responsible for inspecting (with white gloves) every piece of art that comes into our frame shop, and she also puts her eyes on each frame that leaves our facility, ensuring that what you receive at your doorstep is something you're going to like... a lot. "We're not saving lives," said Daisy. "But I view custom framing as an essential part of helping people make their house a home. Seeing the photos and unusual mementos that customers send in is a great reminder of that."

Have a question about the frame you chose or stumped about what mat width works best with your piece? You'll likely be emailing or talking with Daisy, who spends a large portion of her day working with customers like you to ensure you're confident with the custom frame you've chosen.

Below, we asked Daisy about one of her own recent framing projects.

In Frame: Daisy Briceno, Framing Expert, Head of Operations for Simply Framed

Who: Daisy Briceno, Head of Operations at Simply Framed

What: A 6x10 watercolor portrait by artist Gabi Bello of Daisy's beloved cat Pixel.

I adopted Pixel when I lived in Chicago from an organization called Paws. He's a character and I knew from the moment I saw him he was the one I wanted. I'm pretty sure he's a Tabby / Maine Coon mix, which would explain his size. He's very large and struts around very regal. He's my favorite thing in the world.

The Frame: Our light walnut gallery frame, shadowboxed with artwork floated on a foam core lift above a mat.

I wanted to highlight that the drawing was an original, so I chose to float it on a foam core lift above the matting to give a slight shadow effect around the work. I went an extra step and shadowboxed the piece for the same reason - giving it added dimension to make sure everyone knows that Pixel is special! I stayed with a white mat in the background because I wanted Pixel's figure to really stand out. The light walnut gallery molding brings out the tones of the watercolor, and generally I just really like the texture of this frame style.

In Frame: Daisy & Pixel via Simply Framed

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