8 Tips To Frame Kids’ Art

Do you have a budding artist on your hands? Instead of filling a drawer with your child’s artwork or cluttering the door of your fridge, consider giving these meaningful masterpieces the treatment they deserve. Custom framing your kid’s artwork is a wonderful way to personalize your home, create thoughtful gifts for the rest of the family, and show your little one how proud you are of his or her work.

To help get you started, we asked a few experts to share their best tips for custom framing kids’ artwork. Keep scrolling for their advice and some beautiful inspiration.

Dara Segal and liz Libré simply framed
Dara Segal and Liz Libré at a Simply Framed event at MoMA Design Store in Soho.

simply framed custom framed kids artwork
A corner of Liz’s home, filled with beautiful and meaningful artwork created with love.

1. Go with your gut.

The first step to framing your kid’s art is arguably the hardest: choosing which pieces to put on the wall!

Liz Libré, Brooklyn-based illustrator and co-founder of organic lifestyle brand Lewis, shares her advice: “Kids generate so much artwork, and it typically winds up in a massive pile. I like to go through it all every couple of months, editing it down to my favorites. Then, at the end of the year, I recommend storing most of it in a large box and getting a few special pieces custom framed. These are the pieces that just make my heart swell; it’s a visceral reaction. I want to always remember this fleeting moment in time, when my childrens’ hands and minds work like this!”

Adds Dara Segal, founder of Simply Framed: “When it comes to framing and hanging your kid’s artwork, you need to love it. Maybe it’s the color palette, or it reminds you of a favorite abstract or modern artist, or the piece holds a special memory. These are all great reasons to choose a particular piece to custom frame.”

custom framing kids art

2. Make it a group effort.

DS: “Let your kid help you choose the frame to get them involved in the process. Because Simply Framed only offers classic, timeless options, you can’t go wrong—so feel free to let your child help you select the frame and mat style.”

3. Float it.

LL: “While the framing alone will elevate your child’s artwork, I’m obsessed with using Simply Framed’s float mount for this. It creates a little pedestal for the piece, adding a touch of drama that makes it feel extra special.”

DS: “Kids’ artwork looks great floated because this allows the texture of raw paper edges, thick paints, mixed media, etc. to shine. We also recommend our Island Float, which adds a touch of drama to draw the eye. See an example here.”

simply framed custom framed kids artwork
An original piece by Dara’s son, Miles, in an Island Float to best showcase its raw edge.

4. Make it interactive.

LL: “My six-your-old, Louise, recently made a dog cut out with a little pocket on its side that held a puppy—like a marsupial! I love that the little puppy can be pulled out and played with, so I requested that there be no plexiglass on the frame. Now, the art serves as a fun, interactive play piece in our home.”

5. Make multiples.

DS: “Try framing multiple works in the same medium, or around the same theme, and hang them as a diptych or triptych to create a gallery wall that showcases your favorite little artist’s talent.”

6. Mix it up.

DS: “Don’t be afraid to add your children’s artwork to an existing gallery wall, mixed in with other mediums and artists’ work. This is a fun way to incorporate these special pieces in a way that feels unique and organic.”

kids art gallery wall
We love this example from our Pro partner, Kisco Print Shop. The eclectic gallery wall combines professional prints and original kid’s art to create a one-of-a-kind focal point.

7. Consider neon.

DS: “One of our colorful Max Plexibox frames will make your kid’s art look modern, while adding to its inherently playful vibe. This is especially true for monochromatic pieces, like simple pencil or graphite drawings, as the bright plexi edge will add a perfect pop of color.”

A colorful triptych of children’s art in Max Plexibox frames
A colorful triptych of children’s art in Max Plexibox frames.

8. Don’t forget Black Label.

DS: “While our Black Label collection is frequently reserved for high-end art, don’t rule it out for these special mini masterpieces! The elevated frames will allow your kids’ art to hang alongside fine art seamlessly, or just look fantastic on its own.”

LL: “In Kindergarten, my son Griffin drew a picture of a floral arrangement that is still one of my all-time favorites. It stops me in my tracks every time. It needed a special frame because it’s going to live on my wall forever, wherever I am—so I chose a Black Label frame that has a beautiful, thin profile that makes it feel more sophisticated. I love the juxtaposition of Kindergarten art in a museum-quality custom frame!”

custom framing kids art

Ready to custom frame your own kid’s art, to hang and love for years to come? Get started today at Simplyframed.com.

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