Source List: Cat Art

I think we can all agree, ridiculously adorable, mischievous cats won the internet this year. And with good reason. They're ridiculously adorable AND mischievous. Easy win. Our very own head of operations, Daisy Briceno, has a little guy named Pixel. Whether you personally enjoy the antics of a four-legged friend IRL (in real life), or rely on the internet for a daily fix, here are some great pieces to bring that feline cuteness and humor to your walls.

Source List: Cat Art

1. Cat Girl by Visualcrafter. Starting at $85 for a 13x19 fine art canvas print. Our black canvas float frame would look great with this print..

2. You Asleep Yet? by Laura Graves. Starting at $17 for an 8x9 art print. Pair this with our white gallery frame.

3. A Great Big Giant World by Marc Dennis. Pricing available on request for a 54x62 oil on canvas via Marc Dennis' site. We recommend our vintage gold heritage frame, no mat.

4. Day 383 by Alex Proba. Starting at $55 for a limited edition 8x11 print. Our natural wood gallery frame is the perfect compliment for this.

5. Happy Cat by Thubakabra. Starting at $85 for a 13x13 fine art canvas print. Our white canvas float frame would look great with this piece.

6. Kitty Stardust by Langley Fox. $125 for an 11x14 cotton archival print signed by Langley. We suggest our white gallery frame.

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