Art on Art: How to Hang on Wallpaper

When it comes to deciding between wallpaper or custom framed art, why not choose both? Yes, hanging your frames on a patterned background makes the task more daunting—but when done well, the results are spectacular.

We’re lucky to work with brilliant artists whose talents go beyond the frame to produce the coolest wallpaper, so we asked a few of them for their tips and tricks. Scroll for words of wisdom, photos of inspiration, and the motivation you need to add custom framed artwork to your wallpapered walls (or vice versa!)

Searching for wallpaper with bold color and design? Look no further than Jessica Poundstone’s latest collection with Otto Studio. You can snag a mural version of Poundstone’s trademark Color Clouds or incorporate playful patterns with papers like Wonkadoodles. Jessica’s advice? Definitely experiment with mixing and matching - and remember, the only opinion that matters on whether or not something "works" is your own! 

Image courtesy of Jessica Poundstone

"I love seeing art against a wallpaper - I think it can elevate both in a really unexpected and fun way! This paper is my current favorite of the repeating pattern options - it's the Saint Germain colorway in the Paris Bistro collection, and it's inspired by all of the out-of-the-way cafes I've been lucky enough to stumble upon in Paris. I think an active, smaller-scale pattern like this one can benefit from artwork that's a little bolder, with some bigger fields of color for balance. Here, I've chosen two piece from my Power Color series. On the top is Power Color: Love Is Real (Ivory To Blue Colorway) and below it is Power Color: Everything Intersects (Burgundy to Red Colorway). You can see the colors are similar but not too matchy-matchy, which I also love." -Jessica Poundstone

Sara Fitz

For those aiming to embrace a coastal style in their homes, Sara Fitz offers a stunning array of wallpaper and art prints inspired by New England charm. Drawing on her artistic background, Sara's journey from crafting stationery to curating lifestyle collections reflects her commitment to vibrant colors, intricate designs, and playful touches. One of Sara’s favorites (and our’s too) is her Golden Pup Wallpaper featured with her pup Murray and Skipper Stripes Art Print.

Photos courtesy of Sara Fitz

"When pairing art prints with wallpaper, I love to play with scale, pattern and color. The theme {or look} of the two categories doesn't necessarily need to match, but the overall aesthetic should feel right... and provide a good balance to your space." -Sara Fitz

The Letter Nest

Sally King McBride of The Letter Nest knows a thing or two about wallpaper: Her Alphabet Art has been featured on so many patterns, from grasscloth to gingham—and her first collection with Chasing Paper launched in 2022 (with another collaboration slated for this fall!) Her tips for pairing custom framed artwork with wallpaper? Embrace a theme (like her Animal Alphabet hanging on Gaston y Daniela’s Morris Floral wallpaper) and consider your colors.

Design and styling by Prudence Home & Design. Photo courtesy of Eva Amurri.

“The contrast of the large-scale animals and greenery in the wallpaper with the smaller, more detailed letters makes for a compelling composition."

Design by Story Street Studio. Photo by Alexandra Willkie Pasanen for House Beautiful.

“I always love pulling a color directly from the artwork, and finding a wallpaper to match. This Paris Alphabet print, with its various neutrals, looks right at home among the muted florals of Sanderson’s Passion Flower wallpaper.” -Sally King McBride

Block Shop Textiles

Block Shop just launched their sophomore collection of wallpaper, a frolicking collection of seven patterns that we consider something akin to art deco meets 80s pizzazz. With beloved patterns that have inspired trends across the interiors market, these wallpapers are already making a splash.

Photo courtesy of Block Shop Textiles 
"Like our artwork which we exclusively frame with Simply Framed, each wallpaper pattern begins with a hand block print. Given both our artwork and wallpaper draw from the same process, our framed artwork pairs beautifully with the color and texture of our wallpaper. Our Loops print is carved from the same block we used for our Loops wallpaper, as a result they make a particularly striking combination when paired together. We absolutely love the quality & finish of our Simply Framed frames, there's truly no comparison and our customers agree." - The Block Shop Team

Sarah Gordon Design

Sarah’s feel-good botanical prints translate perfectly to wallpaper, so we were thrilled when she launched her Heron Garden Wallpaper Collection inspired by a summery marsh. Here’s how she layers the two to transform a wall into a lush garden in bloom. 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Gordon

“Artwork pairs well with wallpaper when there is some negative space, or a plain mat to help the art stand out. I focus on a few key colors from the wallpaper, and make sure they are complemented in the artwork. A difference in scale (shown here in my Hummingbird mini print and the larger leaves of Lotus Vine) works well. And lastly, the perfect frame really helps to bring the art and wallpaper pattern together. I chose a Gallery Light Walnut from Simply Framed for its warmth and vintage appeal.” - Sarah Gordon

Lana's Shop

Add a touch of genuine charm to your home at Lana's Shop, where you'll find a range of illustrated lifestyle goods including an extensive wallpaper collection. With a longstanding background in art, Lana's whimsical depictions of florals and animals masterfully transform the blank canvas of a wall into immersive gallery of nature-themed patterns.

Looking for an artist's pick? Lana's favorite wallpaper at the moment is Meadow in Bloom. "The mossy green background is so earthy and fun against the soft white and pink florals. It's like living in a garden all year long.”

Photo courtesy of Lana Effron, ft. Mountain Animal Wallpaper

“I love the fun of mixing artwork with wallpaper and discovering how it can give your space a cohesive vibe. Keeping a theme that you enjoy between the two, like for me many of my designs are nature-based, will make your room feel fun and like you. So go ahead and layer those patterns! When doing so, try mixing up the scale. If your wallpaper has a busy print, opt for larger-scale art with some breathing room. Adding a mat and perhaps a bigger frame can help strike that perfect balance as well. And keeping the colors consistent between the two can really tie everything together well." -Lana Effron

Bari J Designs

Creating the perfect pattern is an art form all its own that artist Bari Ackerman has achieved time and time again. The colorful world of Bari J Designs is filled with expertly illustrated vibrant florals and bold patterns. Bari J Designs' wallpaper and art print collection allow for endless opportunities to mix and match for a touch of maximalist magic in any room. We’re especially in love with the Grace Floral Wallpaper. With its moody colors and balance of negative space, it’s an elegant accent for any space.

Photo courtesy of Bari Ackerman

Looking for an expert’s advice? Founder Bari Ackerman is well versed in designing interior spaces and we love her advice for pairing art and wallpaper: 

"Never be afraid to place art over a patterned wallpaper. Simply contrast the layers by choosing art that varies in scale or type from the patterned print beneath while keeping color in common." - Bari Ackerman 

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