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Posted by Greta Braddock on Aug 04, 2020

Spaces by our partner Brooklinen is all about giving you the simplest way to find stuff you love for your home. While creating a space that you feel great in (comfy sheets included!) has never been more important, a sense of home is also about the moments—from the magical to mundane—that happen day in and day out. Besides what’s on your walls, what happens inside your walls?

Inspired by this question, we asked the artists featured in Brooklinen Spaces to tell us the very first thing they do when they wake up in the morning and the very last thing they do before they go to bed each night. Spoiler alert: their rituals often involve caffeine, meditation, and family snuggles.

“I wake up at 5:00 AM, drink water, and journal. The last thing I do each day is meditate.

— Kate Arends, Wit & Delight

wit and delight santa fe kate arendsSanta Fe 01 by Wit & Delight Floated in our White Gallery frame for the Earthy Minimalist room.

“I do not have an entirely set methodology for living these moments. I have two small children, so some mornings I wake to comfort a crying baby. Other mornings I wake to a hangover. Consistently though, there's coffee...and the promise of a new day.

At night, I do my best to practice a form of meditation, following my breath, to calm my mind and move towards rest. Sometimes, I just pass out... exhausted from the sensory input of reality. One thing that I at least try to not do, either at night or in the morning, is gaze into a screen.

Christopher David Ryan

Sprout by Christopher David Ryan floated in our Natural Gallery frame for the Earthy Minimalist room.

In the morning I make a cortado on our Italian coffee machine. I love the ritual of grinding the beans, pulling the shot, and steaming milk. If I am traveling, getting coffee is always first on my list, followed by some exercise outdoors or a yoga class.

In the evening, a bath and meditation are my go-tos before bed.

Kate Holstein

Manhattan Bridge by Kate Holstein framed with a single mat in our Black Gallery frame for the Relaxed Industrial room.

I hate to admit it—but I probably check my phone. Working on that though!

— Madelon Verdoorn

Exit by Madelon Verdoorn, framed with a single mat in our Natural Gallery frame for the Earthy Minimalist room.

The first thing I do in the morning is brew a cup of very green tea that I’ve been buying for years at a Japanese market in LA’s little Tokyo. I would be hopeless without it. The last thing I do at night is sing my kittens to sleep.

- Molly Frances (pictured with Mark Frohman), Daylight Dream Editions

Cumulus No. 3 by Mary Frances for Daylight Dream Editions floated in our White Gallery frame for the Modern Glam room.

Morning: We both drink a lot of coffee; We can’t function without it. Night: We kiss our kids.

— Shana Faust and Alexa Mulvihill, Permanent Press Editions

Illusion 6.0 by Permanent Press Editions framed with a single mat in our Black Gallery frame for the Relaxed Industrial room.

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