In Frame: Alicia & Her Dad

Like father, like daughter.

When Alicia (who helps manage social media here at Simply Framed!) was growing up in Iowa, her childhood home had a closet filled with portfolios of artwork that her father had made while he was growing up.

“My grandma saves everything,” she told us. “I liked to dig through the collection, and choose my favorite pieces.”

One such piece made the journey with her to Denver, where she currently lives. The original linocut, custom framed by us in our Matte Black Metal Gallery Frame, not only reminds Alicia of home—it has also inspired her to make her own linocut prints, just like Dad.

Simply Framed Custom Framed Block Print

Who: Alicia Drown, co-founder of saturday social, and her father Dave Drown.

What: An original linocut print that Dave made while in high school.

From Alicia: "My dad made this piece in a high school art class—in 1980, which means that he was just 15! It doesn’t have a name, but I call him “Jazz Man.” My dad made a lot of art growing up, and this piece has always been one of my favorites. It was originally in a silver metal frame that had seen better days—the glass was cracked, and the mat hadn’t aged well, and there was even a bug stuck in one of the corners. It deserved a better frame to keep it protected, so when I discovered Simply Framed’s Matte Black Metal Gallery Frame, I chose it to complement the black ink in the print. I think the result perfectly balances vintage with modern, which reflects my home’s style.

I currently have the piece displayed on a picture ledge behind my dining room table, surrounded by other vintage pieces (not saying you’re vintage, Dad!) So far, though, it’s worked well in every room I’ve put it in—and I even had the piece professionally scanned, to give my sister and brother-in-law a copy. I love that it’s my dad’s work, and that I get to own and admire such a cool, one-of-a-kind family heirloom that reminds me of my family and where I’m from."

Simply Framed Father's Day Custom Framed Art

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