In Frame: Sarah & Reed Weily

Who: Sarah Weily and her husband, Reed. She’s an interior designer, he’s an attorney and artist, and together they have one of the coolest homes we’ve ever seen.

What: A set of four original Robot Skulls created by Reed Weily out of layers of stickers, floated in our brand-new Max Plexibox Frames in Blue.

simply framed blue max plexibox frame
Reed Weily's sticker robot skulls in all their glory, framed in our Max Plexibox in Blue and hanging in above the stairs in the family's vintage Tudor home.

From Sarah: “After Reed made these skulls he asked me whether I thought they were any good. I immediately responded with, ‘Well, I’d hang them in the house!’” I actually think they’re pretty amazing. Once you get close to them you can see that they were carefully crafted by layering thousands of stickers, and there are just so many details to notice.

I immediately knew that I wanted to have them framed in Simply Framed’s new, colored Max Plexibox frames. Honestly, if I could have everything in the house framed in these bright plexi frames, I would. I love the colorful juxtaposition against our white walls, and the fact that this is an old house—it’s a 1940s Tudor—makes these modern frames pop.”

close up max plexibox blue
A close-up shot—how cool does that colored plexi look paired with Reed's sticker art?!

Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to a neutral space or create a cool old-meets-new aesthetic like Sarah and Reed’s, you might be surprised by the versatility of our colored Max Plexibox frames. Shop them all here.

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