In Frame: Stacy Herzog

Sometimes, you buy something cute that catches your eye and don’t realize until years later why you absolutely had to have it. This was the case with Stacy Herzog’s small Rifle Paper Co. greeting cards, which she’s been casually collecting over several years. When she began decorating her daughter Charlie’s nursery and asked us to custom frame the cards to serve as artwork, we jumped at the opportunity to give the treasured keepsakes new life.

custom framed rifle paper co cards

Sweet sentiments by Rifle Paper Co. paired with Gallery Natural Frames by us

Who: Our super-fashionable friend Stacy Herzog, co-founder of jewelry and lifestyle brand Frieda and Nellie and new mom to baby Charlie.

What: Cheerful, colorful greeting cards by Anna Bond/Rifle Paper Co. custom framed and floated in our Gallery Natural Frames.

From Stacy: I love Anna Bond’s work. When I got married, I asked her to do my wedding invitations because I just adored her style and overall aesthetic. Her stuff is always so happy and bright, which makes it the perfect artwork to complete my daughter’s nursery.

I’ve bought several pieces by Anna––the ones you see here are from a boutique in Silver Lake and a gallery in SoHo, as well as from Rifle Paper Co.’s website––and some I’ve had for about five years. However, it wasn’t until my daughter Charlie was born that I realized I had the perfect home for them: custom framed and hanging on the walls of her nursery.

stacy herzog and daughter charlie

Photo of Stacy and Charlie by Studio JK Photography

Odds are, you’ve also got some pretty items––postcards, thank you notes, party invitations––that you’ve held onto over the years simply because you love them. So why not have them custom framed? Trust us, they’ll look much better matted or floated and hanging on your wall than they do lying in a drawer! Get started here.

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