Pretty In Pink, In Palm Springs

You know when you see photos of a room online, and you immediately wish you could jump through your screen and move in? That’s how we felt when we saw the shots Sarah Sherman Samuel recently showed us of the Christopher Kennedy Compound room she co-designed (with another of our favorites, Kelly Lee of Kelly Go Lightly) for the Modernism Week Show House in Palm Springs.

Each year, as part of what the Hollywood Reporter has called the “#1 must see event of Modernism Week,” Christopher Kennedy gathers the country’s most prominent design talents and assigns them each a room of a beautiful Palm Springs home to remodel. And while we’re definitely biased, we’ve got to say that this year the East Guest Bedroom gets our pick.

From stunning quartz sconces to pink agate wallpaper that Sarah designed herself, this gem-inspired room is filled with jaw-dropping details––and yes, those are Simply Framed Gallery Wide White Frames you see on the walls.

Kennedy Compound Modernism Week Guest Room 1Among so many standout details, Sarah Sherman Samuel’s original art in our Gallery Wide White Frame still manages to draw the eye.

We were thrilled to custom frame three pieces for this event: a fuchsia and white abstract piece created by Sarah, and two original “his and her” line drawings by Carly Kuhn (otherwise known as @TheCartorialist.)

Kennedy Compound Modernism Week Guest Room 2 Minimalist drawings by Carly Kuhn add the perfect finishing touch. White on white makes a statement without detracting from those amazing pink walls.

With Sarah’s piece, we decided to keep things simple with a custom cut white mat and Gallery Wide White Frame, to let the bold colors and shapes of the art take center stage. Meanwhile, we floated Carly’s drawings in Gallery Wide White Frames to add some extra dimension to the playful yet minimalist work. This technique is a great way to create a sense of drama while still keeping the look clean and modern.

Kennedy Compound Modernism Week Guest Room 3The careful selection of art in this room shows how less can be more. Instead of selecting many small pieces, the designers chose several large, custom framed statement pieces.

By playing with scale and incorporating elements of natural wood and gold, the design team managed to create a pink room more chic than saccharine. We love that our custom framing skills got to contribute to the finished space––and while this room may have been just a temporary installation, we have a feeling these images will inspire others for years to come.

Kennedy Compound Modernism Week Guest Room 4We just love the room’s subtle jewel theme. It’s pulled together and memorable without being over the top.

See the original post on Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Christopher Kennedy Compound Show House room here. And once you’re ready to add a large statement piece to your own walls, you know where to go to have it custom framed.

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