Nursery Art We Love

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy, all pink or baby blue nurseries. Today’s on-trend children’s rooms are decidedly chic, filled with modern design elements that integrate them with the rest of the home—whether that home is minimalist or anything but. (For example, just look at this over-the-top nursery that our founder, Dara, has been admiring.)

Designing a contemporary kid’s room means finding versatile, durable furnishings and framed art that both you and your little will love—but choosing art for children can feel a bit tricky. So, to help, we’ve rounded up some ideas that we’re currently loving, with tips for how to incorporate them into your own nursery or child’s bedroom.

Perfect for expectant parents keeping their baby’s gender a surprise—or anyone who simply prefers a more neutral palette—the bright, monochromatic nursery is a trend that we hope stays. Keeping the color scheme quiet makes it easy to incorporate functional accessories and personal keepsakes—like, in this case, art by dad.

Max Wanger Sarah Sherman Samuel NurseryMother & Child (in our Natural Gallery Frame) by Max Wanger Print Shop in Max’s little girl Quincy’s own baby’s bedroom, designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

A neutral nursery design also lets an intentionally placed pop of color make a bold impact:

max wanger sarah sherman samuel nurseryPretty-in-pink Cloud No. 1 by Max Wanger Print Shop in our Natural Gallery Frame. Nursery designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

Not sure where to start? Consider framing a souvenir from your personal travels to use as beautiful, meaningful and unique nursery decor.

simply framed best nursery artOriginal art found on a trip to Florence hangs in the nursery of Sarah Dubbeldam (founder of Darling Media) custom framed by us in our Black Gallery Frame. Styling by Rachel Meadows.

Even if you haven’t scooped up any art while traveling the world, chances are you’ve taken some stellar photos. Use our Print & Frame service to custom frame photographs of the people, places and things that matter to you, and hang them in the nursery to pass that love down to your little one.

simply framed best nursery artA beautiful photo that Amanda Dawbarn of 100 Layer Cake snapped on her honeymoon in Hawaii, now framed in our Natural Gallery Frame and hanging in her baby’s nursery. Photo by Heather Kincaid, featured on 100 Layer Cake-let.

Consider the art you choose for a baby’s room a way of introducing that new little human to new things and experiences. Do you hope to instill a love of the outdoors, science, travel, or animals? The right nursery art can help you do that.

simply framed best nursery art
NASA space posters that Kelly Smith of Cloudy Day Gray sourced and had us custom frame for her daughter Matilda’s room.

best art for nurseries and kids roomsMountains by Banquet Workshop and Zebra Duo by Wee Wild Ones, both in our Natural Gallery Frame. Styling by Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs, Architecture by Lewis Schoeplein, and photography by Marisa Vitale.

In general, it’s hard to go wrong with portraits of animals—especially baby animals!—in a nursery.

best art for kids roomsAnother shot from Natalie Myers, taken by Phoebe Joy Photography—this time featuring art by Wee Wild Ones in our White Gallery Frame.

As your child grows, he or she is bound to develop interests of their own—and these favorite sports, instruments or foods will provide new opportunities to find and frame art!

best nursery art maisonette hello cdrPeace Sign by CDR, available at, floated in our Natural Gallery Frame.

Lastly, one of our very favorite nursery art ideas comes from this gorgeous gallery wall we custom framed for our friend Jamie and her daughter, Meriella, featuring artwork that the mother-daughter duo made together:

nursery gallery wall custom framedThe letters of the alphabet by Jamie and Meriella, custom framed by us in White Gallery Frames.

In short, when selecting art for children’s rooms: Make it personal, keep it fun, and have it custom framed. For help with that last part, visit

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