Simply Framed x Permanent Press Editions

We’ve long been fans of Permanent Press Editions, and their team’s ability to transform mundane objects (a pair of old shoes, the interior of a suitcase) into stunning works of art. We jump at every chance to custom frame their original photographs, and are over-the-moon excited about the launch of their newest collections!

Edition 5: Cut Flowers features “flat botanical prints reanimated as dimensional geometric compositions.” By combining the organic shapes of branches and blooms with the stark precision of origami-like paper cut-outs and presenting them in black and white, Permanent Press Editions has created a brand-new take on the botanical print, perfect for any modern interior.

Permanent Press Editions Cut Flowers

Arrangement 9 from Permanent Press Editions’ Edition No. 5: Cut Flowers, seen here in our Gallery White Frame.

Edition 6: Packaged Goods, meanwhile, takes something ordinary and (by playing with light, color and angle) turns it into something extraordinary. It’s so fun to scroll through all of these prints and see what everyday objects (mascara, mints, cologne) the “luminous, delicate volumes” were made to hold. Like a child more captivated by the box than by the toy it contained, this series gives the viewer new appreciation for packaging.

Permanent Press Editions Packaged Goods

Sunscreen & Lip Gloss (top) and Lipstick & Perfume (bottom) from Edition 6: Packaged Goods, hanging pretty in Simply Framed Gallery White Frames.

Like all of Permanent Press Editions’ gorgeous prints, the photographs in these new series are available in four sizes, unframed or custom framed (by us!) in solid wood and plexiglass. If you’ve got an empty wall in need of a statement piece, we highly recommend browsing all of their editions.

Permanent Press Editions Packaged Goods

Another duo from Edition 6: Packaged Goods––Cologne & Caramels (left) and Caramels & Cologne (right)––custom framed by us.

If you’re an art professional interested in joining Permanent Press Editions’ ranks as a Simply Framed Pro Partner, start here.

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