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Bevel Cut White Mats

Posted by Dara Deshe on Aug 04, 2015

Like the perfect cup of coffee, the perfect shade of white mat is hard to find. We’ve tried shopping for white mats online and between of all of our devices and settings, matching color is next to impossible. Once your art arrives, we carefully select the perfect shade of white to complement your piece. Mats are not only great way to create a visual space around your image but they also protect the surface of your art from the plexiglass. We love using mats for photography and art prints as well as vintage posters, diplomas, ketubahs and other important certificates and documents. Upon measuring your piece, we’ll bevel-cut your mat to perfectly frame your image. We look out for signatures and other details, but if there’s a specific look you’re after, don’t hesitate to make notes in the special comments of your order.
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