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Lead Web Developer (Denver, CO)

Manager, Art & Trade (Denver, CO)

Social Media Strategist(Denver, CO)

Operations Associate (Denver, CO)

Customer Success Associate (Denver, CO)

Lead Web Developer (Denver, CO)

Location: Denver, CO + remote hybrid

Commitment: Full-time

Compensation: $150,000–$180,000

Bring art into people’s lives

We’re making it easier for everyone to put the things they love most on their walls.

We’re looking for a Lead Web Developer who’s excited about ecommerce, scalable and enduring technology solutions, and being a critical part of a growing company. Your authority will always exceed your responsibility at Simply Framed. We’ll listen to your ideas, value your input, and treat you as a core member of the team. You should share our core values, and—in your own way—value design and respect art.

You can work from our Denver, Colorado office, or remotely. The salary range for this full-time role is $150,000 to $180,000.


  • Build exceptional user experiences
  • Apply and advocate for scalable and enduring technology solutions
  • Nerd out, built on what matters most
  • Minimize less-challenging work through intelligent design

Requirements based on our current stack

  • Expertise in HTML, CSS and SCSS, and JavaScript
  • Expertise in Python, including packaging, pipenv, and objects
  • Familiarity with APIs, serverless, GraphQL, builds, Git, Shopify, and image handling

Unfamiliar with some of these languages and platforms? If you’re lacking some of the required skills, but you’re excited about the opportunity and the chance to learn, we’d love to hear from you, too.

Please note: we do not require that you have a college degree or a specific number of years in this type of role.


We value work-life integration. This means you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive health, life, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) with matching
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Paid parental leave
  • Flexible work hours (most of us have families)
  • $500 in free frames each year

To help you do your best work, you’ll have colleagues you can count on. We all support and learn from each other. We value honesty, creativity, optimism, thoughtfulness, and curiosity. And again, we’re doing this because we love art and design!

To apply

Learn more about our custom designer and check out our instagram. If you’re interested in this role, email your resumé, a link to your website, or anything else that gives us a sense of your work and values with the subject line “Lead Web Developer” to

Manager, Art & Trade (Denver, CO)

The Position:

Simply Framed is making custom framing simple, painless, and free of regret. We are in growth mode and looking for a motivated individual to drive our new Artist & Trade Relations as part of our Denver CO team.

In this role you function as the outbound face of Simply Framed, identifying, contacting, and educating potential customers on the benefits of our products and services. Leveraging our suite of technology products, you will ensure that our targets know our name, and you find a way to do it gracefully.

You are passionate about art, artists, and adding value. You are equal parts methodical educator and hustler, able to see the shortcuts and navigate them in a way that scales and satisfies.

The Role:

  • You will engage prospective customers and trade partners via phone, email, and in person, serving as an ambassador of Simply Framed.
  • You’ll manage communication and sales for your chosen targets, staying in contact with them throughout the relationship to drive additional value.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Identify, engage, and educate potential Art & Trade clients on Simply Framed products and services
  • Drive ongoing communication with clients and potential clients
  • Identify opportunities to promote new products or expand business with clients


  • 5 years experience in a sales or account management role
  • Polished in every sense of the word
  • Excellent communication skills by telephone and email
  • Passionate about art (painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, etc.) and working with artists and art businesses
  • Have our Core Values running through your veins. They aren’t just words; we hire, fire, and live by these each day.

To apply, please email us at with the subject line "Manager Art & Trade"

Social Media Strategist (Denver, CO)

Simply Framed is looking for an experienced Social Media Strategist to join our team.

You’ll plan and execute an integrated strategy for bringing Simply Framed’s brand pillars to life while increasing audience and engagement across all channels.

The ideal candidate is someone looking for an environment where you own your role, asking for forgiveness, not permission to try new things and take calculated risks. In your past experience, you have a solid foundation and are now looking to increase your scope of responsibility and freedom to make decisions.

We’re looking for someone who

      • Is an expert at weaving a strong vision with emerging trends, compelling content, pop culture conversations, evergreen brand pillars and analytics into a strategic plan and then put it into action.
      • Has their finger on the pulse of culture with knowledge and understanding of buzzy brands, tastemakers and influencers.
      • Is highly creative with enthusiasm to conceptualize and implement programs that are disruptive while maintaining brand elevation.
      • Loves data and gets a thrill out of watching analytics.
      • Knows how to balance storytelling and hard selling tactics and can find the right blend for the brand and channel.
      • Wants the opportunity to own and elevate a brand across social channels.
      • Has demonstrated interest in art and interior design, with an eye for engaging imagery and interiors.

How you’ll contribute

      • Develop and execute content and engagement strategies across all channels
      • Produce and publish content across all channels, including writing and/or editing blog posts and creating and executing a supportive social strategy to amplify editorial features
      • Grow audience and engagement across channels
      • Provide actionable recommendations for how to optimize and move the brand forward on social media channels based on performance
      • Develop KPI’s and dashboards that demonstrate how channels contribute to our annual goals
      • Stay up-to-date with social “best practices” across the competitive landscape
      • Provide thought leadership on emerging platforms and trends for adoption where appropriate to keep the brand at the forefront of social media development.
      • Pitch influencers and partners that align with brand vision to tell our story and drive long-term growth
      • Reports to the Director of Content


      • 2-3+ years of professional experience working with social media management in an agency or direct to consumer business
      • Proven ability to engage, connect and build an audience across multiple channels
      • Ability to interpret analytics, communicate results and formulate strategy
      • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Able to communicate with clients and influencers while maintaining brand standards and write clean copy for external facing communications.
      • Experience with Google Analytics or other analytics platforms. (Hootsuite, Sprout, etc)
      • Ability to work from our Denver office in Cherry Creek, with work from home flexibility.

To apply, please email us at with the subject line "Social Media Strategist Application." Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered.

Operations Associate (Denver, CO)

The Position:

Don’t let the title fool you; at Simply Framed, your authority always exceeds your responsibility.

Leveraging pattern recognition, process improvement, and automation, you’ll continuously look for ways to reduce all but the most exciting and engaging work.

The right candidate wants to be heard, contribute, be rewarded, and in your own way, value design and respect art.

Job Duties:

      • Serve as the main Operations and Customer Success point of contact for one or more of our facilities across the US.
      • Monitor, maintain, and create automated and semi-automated reports tracking orders, art, and deliveries.
      • Draw conclusions from operational trends on throughput and QC, suggesting process improvement to management. They’ll be your ideas, and you’ll own the execution.
      • Order, route, track, and replenish operations materials including samples, shipping materials, and marketing materials for all facilities as needed.
      • Anything else that adds value, makes you happy, and advances your career.

Required Skills / Experience:

      • Have our core values running through your veins.
      • Excellent communication skills by telephone and email. Words are important and we choose them carefully.
      • Detail oriented and extremely organized
      • Experience with automation and scripting natively or using tools (Zapier), basic programing (Python, JSON, SQL), ETL platforms and reporting suites (Fivetran, Stitch, Looker, Tableau)
      • What we’re doing with Google Sheets / Apps Script may blow your mind. You’ll need to nerd out on performant queries and scripts.
      • If you haven't heard of many of these platforms and languages, but are excited about the opportunity, that's OK. We still want to hear from you!

To apply, please email us at with the subject line "Operations Associate Application."

Customer Success Associate (Denver, CO)

The Position:

Simply Framed is making custom framing simple, painless, and free of regret. We are in growth mode and looking for a driven Customer Success Associate to join our growing Denver CO team. Your role as a customer success expert is to help our individual customers and pro account holders be successful and remain raving fans. You care about traditional customer service metrics like speed to first response and NPS, but what really drives you is solving problems big and small. When the pressure’s on is when you shine! Can’t? Won’t? Impossible? Those words just mean that the challenge is exciting for you and that much more rewarding when overcome.

You’ll wear many hats (see below) but above all else, you will be our clients' framing partner, helping them grow their business and in doing so, ours.

Most days you’re not up until midnight putting out fires - you work smart so you don’t have to be. We use cutting edge tools, automation when it makes sense, and very defined processes to continually search for and remove repetition from your day so you can focus on the customer.

The right candidate will be passionate about serving customers, excel at managing details, thrive in a fast-paced and changing work environment, and in their own way, value design and respect art.

The Role:

As a Customer Success Associate, you are on the front lines everyday, interacting with customers big and small via phone, video, and email. You find joy in both solving issues quickly and establishing better processes so they don't pop up again. You not only suggest areas for improvement, but provide thoughtful solutions based on your experience on the front lines and deep understanding of customer needs and motivations.

You laugh and find a way to inspire laughter in others, even if just a chuckle. Happy teams do great work, and happiness is achieved through clear goals, planning, hard work, and a few shenanigans along the way. You know that what works today might not be the best choice next quarter or even next month and are periodically looking for ways to improve our processes. Here you are expected to rewrite the manual.

You’re polished and knowledgeable, able to come across as a mini-CEO in all communications.You understand our technology inside and out. If you have a question, you ask it or figure it out yourself.

We empower you to make thoughtful decisions on behalf of the company. We may not always agree on the exact solution, but we believe that empowering you to make your own decisions, backed by our support if you need it, is far better than running every single decision up the chain.

Specific responsibilities include:

          • Therapist: You know how to listen, diffuse tension, and get to the root of the issue. Our customers may not lie on a couch when you speak to them, but you might as well have a PHD when it comes to handling them. Our relationship with each customer is stronger as a result of interacting with you, no matter the outcome.
          • Advocate: Your daily interactions with customers enables you to know what does or will make them delighted, upset, or frustrated. Armed with this, you act as an internal advocate for the customer, able to predict how marketing materials, platform changes, and product offerings will impact them before we roll them out.
          • ER Doctor: You are fast, thorough, and don’t dwell or dawdle. You know how to triage and prioritize. Lives aren’t on the line, but they might as well be given the energy you put in and what’s at stake for us. When it’s Code Black, you make decisions in the best interest of the customer and move on.
          • Sales Person: You can quickly identify opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell, and down-sell when it’s in the customer's best interest. A good salesperson should absolutely talk customers out of spending more money than they should given their needs.
          • Advisor: Customers trust you to help them make the right decision, even if that means talking them out of an order. A referral is far more valuable than a sale, because it reflects that we (and you) are a trusted advisor.
          • Professor: You don’t just answer a customer’s question, but arm them with enough information to avoid the next question. More than an instructor, you approach their needs from a higher level, making them better and more self-sufficient as a result of your interactions.
          • Product Manager: You know what we need to offer, build, and improve next because you know what life is like without it. Your in-depth knowledge of our customers, business, and technology allows you to suggest thoughtful solutions and features to our technology and operations teams.
          • Engineer: You spot room for optimization and take action, creating templates, automating workflows, and using technology and process anywhere you can to reduce your workload and focus on the most fun and challenging work. You’d prefer to do it the right way, but you’re not above grabbing a roll of duct tape to get something off the ground.


          • 2 years experience in a customer service position, e-commerce preferred
          • Proven track record of goal setting and process improvement
          • Proficient with Google Apps
          • Excellent communication skills by telephone and email
          • Detail oriented and organized
          • Comfortable taking calculated risks
          • Passionate about art (painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, etc.) and working with artists and art businesses
          • Have our Core Values running through your veins. They aren’t just words; we hire, fire, and live by these each day.

To apply, please email us at with the subject line "Customer Success Associate Application." Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered.