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At Simply Framed we enjoy what we do, care deeply, demonstrate honesty, and choose to be bright. If our Core Values sound like where you want to be, drop us a line at hello@simplyframed.com!

We are looking for the following current open positions:

Director of Growth (Denver, CO)

Manager of Black Label (Denver, CO or Remote)













Director of Growth (Denver, CO)

The Position:

We are Simply Framed, a growth-focused company bringing artist-approved custom framing online. We enjoy what we do, care deeply, demonstrate honesty, and choose to be bright.

  • Our reputation drives millions of dollars in sales every year organically. From Apartment Therapy to Nate Berkus, tastemakers recommend Simply Framed for quality and service when it matters - not when they’re paid.
  • Our product drives both customer satisfaction and high LTV direct to consumer and through our trade program. See some of the artists, designers, galleries, and retailers that depend on Simply Framed for superior framing and printing services.
  • Our platform allows novice and experienced users alike to quickly navigate sextillions of options to design and buy a frame they’ll love forever, thanks to a super clean user interface and programmatic recommendations from Simply Framed’s expert team, not an algorithm. Read the case study or design a Print & Frame or Full Service frame in the designer.
  • Our people win the hearts and minds of our customers every day. We hire and fire based on our core values, and our culture drives our success.

We are looking for a Director of Growth to help plan and execute a strategy centered on a 9 figure revenue target within 5 years.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Values design and respects art. You may not be artistic, but you have an eye for good design and expect it to solve problems.
  • Isn’t afraid to take calculated risks. Your responsibility exceeds your authority at Simply Framed, and you combine data-driven strategies with an acute gut feel to balance risk with return. You ask for forgiveness, not permission.
  • Is trustworthy, dependable, and deliberate, and expects the same from the rest of our team.
  • Feeds on Radical Candor. Caring deeply and challenging directly helps us stay healthy, both as a business and individuals.
  • Knows your stuff. We need a candidate ready to put strategy and tactics to work in week 1.
  • Doesn’t value corporate time-suck. We have one 90-minute meeting a week operating on 90 day goals to keep the business on track. Everyone is accountable in a transparent way; there’s no appetite for political powerpoints and unnecessary meetings here.
  • Nerds out when discussing marketing, operations, design or technology. Preferably all 4.
  • Operates with a sense of urgency and a high emotional IQ every day.

Your Role:

  • Reporting directly to the President & COO, you will both have direct access to all employees critical to your strategy and be given the freedom to bring on additional resources where necessary.
  • You will maintain a long term view of success but drive decisions with actionable data daily.
  • Armed with yearly revenue targets you will set and meet quarterly strategic goals, overseeing a variety of initiatives at once.
  • You will specifically own marketing, analytics, optimization and all related functions.
  • In addition to the responsibilities above, your sphere of influence will extend to anything that helps grow our customer base or increase LTV.

With healthy margins and a culture of strong opinions weakly held, Simply Framed could be the perfect opportunity to direct your own initiatives, get access to the resources to make them happen, and see them through to fruition.


  • 7-10 years experience leading marketing, sales, or growth for a technology-enabled B2C retail brand, D2C preferred.
  • Proven track record of setting and exceeding revenue targets
  • Creative thinker who finds a way to get it done
  • Hands-on leader who motivates and inspires others by example and mentoring
  • Deep understanding of online and offline marketing vehicles for D2C brands
  • Proven dedication and ownership required to succeed at start-up speed
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Detail oriented and organized
  • Have our Core Values running through your veins. They aren’t just words; we hire, fire, and live by these each day.

To apply, please email us your resume and cover letter at hello@simplyframed.com with the subject line "Director of Growth Application." Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered.



Manager of Simply Framed Black Label (Denver, CO or Remote)

The Position:

Simply Framed is making custom framing simple, painless, and free of regret. We are in growth mode and looking for a driven Manager of Simply Framed Black Label to join our Denver CO team or excel remotely from a major US art market hub.

Your role will be that of a vertical manager for our Black Label collection. You will have indirect reports from horizontally integrated function leaders including sales, technology, operations, and marketing. Armed with a dedicated P&L, you’ll achieve revenue and business milestones backed by the oversight of the COO and CEO personally.

You are a driven individual that plans to run your own company in the near future. With that in mind you are looking for an ambitions position that combines a wide degree of ownership across multiple departments without the obligations that come with managing a number of people directly. You’ve seen those “Special Assistant to the President” roles, but 80 hour weeks just to learn the ropes isn’t for you. You want to skip to the Doing part right now.

The Role:

You’ll manage the operations, sales, and marketing goals related to Black Label via our suite of proprietary tools and proven management system. All executives will share your goals but you will own them. This is your core focus and you do not get distracted.

You are in effect the CEO of this line, and given wide latitude for decision making. Efforts are always measured and retrospectives performed, but we’d rather have you make decisions and move forward than be slowed down by unneeded oversight.

Specific responsibilities for Simply Framed Black Label include:

  • Direct responsibility for P&L
  • Lead business development and strategic partnerships
  • Lead marketing planning and execution


  • 5 years experience in a marketing or technical leadership role
  • The proven ability to manage others but the desire to do you own thing
  • Polished in every sense of the word
  • Excellent communication skills by telephone and email
  • Comfortable taking large calculated risks
  • Passionate about art (painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, etc.) and working with artists and art businesses
  • Have our Core Values running through your veins. They aren’t just words; we hire, fire, and live by these each day.

To apply, please email us at hello@simplyframed.com with the subject line "Black Label Manager Application."