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In Frame: Danielle Kroll

Posted by MK Quinlan on Jun 11, 2015

Who: Brooklyn-based artist and designer Danielle Kroll

What: A photo Danielle's dad took in 1979 on his honeymoon with her mom in Martinique. 

From Danielle: This photo hung in the garage at my parent's house all my life. It was one of those things you always look at but never really think about how beautiful it is. The sun has faded the print a lot but I think it adds to its charm. It means a lot sentimentally, but I also think it's a great photo.

I asked my parents if I could take it for my apartment and they gladly let me have it. The frame was already perfect for the vibe of the photo but I just spray painted the sides to make it a bit more modern. 

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