Going With the Grain

So, you’ve got the perfect piece of art picked out for everyone on your list. Now it’s time to choose a custom frame to match. You could go sleek and modern with New-School Metal, or bold and playful with a colorful Max Plexibox. But if the seemingly endless options have you stumped, may we suggest a classic and timeless wood frame?

A wood frame won’t ever go out of style, even if your style changes. For that reason alone, they’re perfect for gifting—but you still want to be sure you’re giving the right one. Here are five things to consider when selecting a wood frame.

1. The colors

Wood accents typically work as neutral tones in a home, adding natural (and often necessary) details. However, they still span a spectrum. While there are many factors to consider, it’s generally safe to pair a light colored piece of art with a light colored frame, and dark colored art with a dark frame.

Max Wanger simply framed wood frameWe love the way our Natural Gallery Frame makes the dreamy pastels in Max Wanger's scenic photographs pop.

permanent press editions x simply framedThis moody, masculine print from Permanent Press Editions is made even more so by our Dark Walnut Gallery Frame.

poster child prints simply framedBold, primary colors look great in Black Gallery. Example: this geometric piece from Poster Child Prints.

2. The composition

There’s no hard and fast rule here; so much depends on personal preference. But typically, the busier the artwork, the more you’ll want to simplify the frame so as not to distract. Our Black and White Gallery are popular for this reason, as their minimalist, painted style allows them to blend into (or offset) the art.

simply framed Ashley Woodson BaileyOur Black Gallery Frame blends beautifully into the background of this Ashley Woodson Bailey print, drawing the eye to the center. Photo of Christine Dovey's home by Ashley Capp for Domino.

Leigh Webber photographerThese photos by Leigh Webber were framed full-bleed in White Gallery Frames to bring their all-over saturated tones to life.

Have a more minimalist piece? Add some interest with an exposed wood grain. Walnut Gallery, Natural Gallery, and our Gallery Deep Frame in Black Ash offer beautiful variations that ensure no two are exactly the same.

Denise Crew art in a natural gallery frameArt by Denise Crew in our Natural Gallery Frame. Interior design by Natalie Myers and photo by Phoebe Joy.

3. The subject

Nature-inspired art calls for a nature-inspired frame, and you can’t get more nature-inspired than wood grain.

simply framed light walnut frameA piece by Will Warasila via Ghost Curatorial in a Light Walnut Gallery Frame is the focal point of this cozy yet modern corner.

Denise Crew art simply framedDenise Crew provides a fresh spin on floral art, while our Natural Gallery Frame completes the pretty-in-pink picture.

4. The depth

If you’re framing a piece of art on canvas or other thick material, you’ll need to go beyond the classic Gallery Frame, while keeping the same guidelines for color and composition in mind.

Our wood Canvas Float Frames are available in a variety of colors, in custom sizes up to 40x60”, and with a slim profile perfect for showcasing artwork on canvas.

simply framed canvas float frameThe White Canvas Float works beautifully with the soft colors in this original painting.

jenny's print shop simply framed boxwood avenueWhile it may look like an original painting, this is actually a digital print from Juniper Print Shop that we printed and custom framed in our Black Canvas Float Frame for blogger Chloe MacKintosh.

Our wood Gallery Deep Frames, meanwhile, are great for custom framing pieces that beg to be floated, island matted or shadowboxed, like textiles and items with an interesting edge.

5. The home

Last but definitely not least, consider where your custom framed art will live. If that’s your own home, simply choose a wood frame that matches your signature style. If you’re gifting the piece, consider what you know about the recipient’s tastes. Does this person prefer things that are modern and glam? If so, opt for sleek and minimalist Black or White. But if your loved one loves a laid-back, bohemian look, they might also love a more rustic wood grain.

simply framed in coveteurThe SoHo headquarters of Coveteur are full of modern, urban design inspo—like this chic cocktail cart, complete with an original photograph custom framed in a Black Gallery Frame.

blockshop textiles prints simply framedEmily Tartaglia's home is a boho vision in blonde wood—which makes it a perfect match for a Block Shop Textiles piece floated in a Natural Gallery Frame.

Ready to go with the grain? Find the perfect wood frames to custom frame your holiday gifts at simplyframed.com.

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