Max Plexibox: Now In Color

Update 1/1/2023: Back by popular demand, our improved Plexibox frames are ready to personalize with your photos in our most popular formats here.

We make frames that stand the test of time, that look elegant in any interior, and beautifully showcase your artwork. But that doesn’t mean our frame styles need to stay confined to a color spectrum of black, white, natural, and metallic. Our Max Plexiboxes—now in color!—demonstrate how a dramatic pop of bright hue around the edges of a piece adds stunning dimension to artworks that can hold their own alongside our newest frame’s bold character.

We’ll be the first to admit that our colored Plexi frame is not the right choice for every artwork (for that, see our Gallery Frames!) but when it’s right—it’s oh so right.

simply framed max plexibox pink
Minimal photography is the perfect companion to our brightly-hued Max Plexibox, particularly when shades of the artwork tie into the frame color. Pictured here is Max Wanger’s Ice Cream in our Max Plexibox in Neon Pink, available at Maisonette.

Good things take time! Dara has been dreaming about this collection since way back in 2015. When we found out that our US-based supplier for the original Max Plexibox, created in partnership with Apartment Therapy's CEO & Founder Maxwell Ryan, offered our signature acrylic in an array of shades (neon included!), we started contemplating how we could incorporate this dazzling material into one of our frames. Turns out, colored plexi is suited incredibly well for the edges of the Max Plexibox. The material’s translucent sides keep the box transparent in nature, while its opaque edges create an ultra-thin, yet eye-popping border around the outside of your artwork.

simply framed max plexibox blue
Max Plexibox is always a great choice for mixed media pieces or textural artworks. Our Max Plexibox in Blue gives a fun new element to these intricate sticker collages by Denver artist Reed Weily.

We narrowed it down to a small rainbow of shades for you to choose from: Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Lime, along with Aqua and Blue, the two technically non-neon colors in the group. Due to the material’s ability to cast off light in cool ways, the entire Simply Framed team has had endless amounts of fun playing with these color samples in our office. The edges really do glow.

simply framed max plexibox frame corners
Who else is dreaming about the cool combos you can create with these bright lights? Corner samples in
Blue, Aqua, Neon Lime, Neon Orange, and Neon Pink. Photograph by Our Love Is Loud.

simply framed max plexibox aqua featuring artwork by ghost curatorial
Colored plexi looks amazing combined with complementary colors in an painting, illustration, or fine-art photograph. Case in point: this bright orange bloom in our Max Plexibox in Aqua, looking on-point in a minimal interior. Photograph by Molly Matalon via Ghost Curatorial. Interior imagery by Ghost Curatorial.

Like our original Max Plexibox, we recommend using this one to frame original works on paper, textiles, and fine art photography. We love how it plays with artwork that also makes a statement: think works that are high contrast (in bright colors or bold black and white), vivid screen prints or posters, and pop art of any kind. Pieces will be mounted to foam core and can be floated with a border to White Linen or framed full bleed (White Linen still shows through the transparent colored plexi around the edges of your artwork). Textiles will be sewn by our expert team atop White Linen with a border.

simply framed neon orange max plexibox frame poster child printsOur Max Plexibox in Neon Orange paired with Doe (Artist Edition 1) by Jenna Snyder Phillips, available through our partner Poster Child Prints.

The unique nature of these frames means they take a bit longer than our Wood and Metal collections to produce. The turnaround for Max Plexibox orders is 7-10 business days from when we receive your artwork in our shop, plus shipping time. And as always, we will measure your artwork before putting your custom frame into production.

Update 1/1/2023: Back by popular demand, our improved Plexibox frames are ready to personalize with your photos in our most popular formats here.

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