Max Plexibox In Color, In Apartment Therapy!

You’ve probably noticed by now that we are prettttty excited about our new Max Plexibox frames in color—and we’re not the only ones! It’s been a thrill to see the positive response to these bright beauties, both from our loyal customers and our amazing Pro partners.

Since we initially created our original Max Plexibox in partnership with Apartment Therapy’s CEO and founder Maxwell Ryan, it only made sense to team up once again to introduce this colorful collection of glam, plexi frames in Blue, Aqua, Neon Lime, Neon Orange, and Neon Pink.

max wanger maisonette art max plexibox frame neon pink
I scream, you scream...We love the way this Max Wanger print looks custom framed in Max Plexibox in Neon Pink. Currently available at

We absolutely adore working with Maxwell and his team—and, like the rest of the world, we see Apartment Therapy as the source for design news, trends, and inspiration. Luckily for us, the love goes both ways! Read on for a few of our favorite quotes from Maxwell, that show why Maxwell loves Max Plexibox in Color as much as we do.

simply framed max plexibox neon orange close-upA close-up shot of Max Plexibox in Neon Orange, perfectly complementing a 1970's black light poster.

“We’ve been working with the style setters at Simply Framed for over a year now, identifying the types of frames we know our readers will love the most. Last year, we brought you the Max Plexibox, leapfrogging into a WHOLE NEW REALM…This month we’re taking it a step further with something I’ve NEVER seen done before. Introducing the Max COLOR!”

“It’s a super cool use of bright color at the edges of the plexi frame that goes way beyond the classic black-and-white and becomes a part of the art itself. Translucent but bright, the edges come in five vivid colors that create a razor pop of color, which you can use not only to frame your image, but also to bring out the color within it. They’re pieces themselves that add value to the art inside.”

simply framed max plexibox in color neon gallery wallBright white, meet bright COLOR. Max Plexibox in Neon Pink, Blue, and Neon Lime create the ultimate rainbow-hued gallery wall. Photo by Our Love Is Loud.

“I urge you to check out our newest baby—Max Plexibox in COLOR—and try experimenting with it in your own home. In fact, I want to help you do it. Apartment Therapy and Simply Framed are going to give one reader a $499 credit at Simply Framed to go bold in their home!”

YES, you read that last part correctly! We’re giving away $499.00 worth of custom framing credit to be used at, to help you build the gallery wall of your dreams. Click over to for details, and to enter to win! Good luck!

simply framed max plexibox in neon color collection
With so many colors to choose from, the hardest part is picking a favorite. Art by Jim Jam and photo by Our Love Is Loud.

As of 8/26/2021, this frame collection has been discontinued.

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