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Gallery Wide Dark Walnut

Gallery Wide Dark Walnut

Wood | 1 1/4" Face x 3/4" Depth

Our Gallery Wide Frame in Dark Walnut has the identical finish of our Dark Walnut Gallery Frame, with a wider 1.25" face. Dark walnut contrasts perfectly with the earthy tones of oil paintings and landscape photography. It lends a hint of tradition while being neutral enough to feel at home in any room.

Similar styles available in Black, White, and Natural.

Frame Dimensions and Material

RABBET 9/16"

Art size guidelines

Best for artworks sized 30x40" and larger.

For artworks sized than 24x30" to 30x40", choose our Gallery Mid Frame.

For artworks smaller than 24x30", choose our Gallery Frame.

Mat style guidelines

Available in all mat styles except floated


This product is made by hand in the USA.  Due to the custom nature of the manufacturing process, there may be slight variations in dimension and/or craftsmanship.  To clean, use a small amount of mild soap and lukewarm water with a soft cloth or sponge.  Do not use products containing ammonia.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are custom-made to order and sales are final. 

Featured Artwork

Featured artwork by Hamish Robertson

In situ images feature artwork by Ornis Gallery

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